A financial commitment to secure a young person’s future.

Please read our girl’s stories below.  Would you invest in girls with leadership potential by giving a talented young girl the opportunity to go to secondary school?  Via the internet, you will be able to speak directly with her and build a relationship. please get in touch.


Hellen is 14 years old.  Last year she completed Primary school in Uganda.  Primary school is 7 years of schooling (P1-P7).  In the final candidate year (P7) Hellen took her Primary Leaving Exam (PLE).  A Division 1 or 2 pass allows study at secondary level.  Hellen achieved a Div.2 pass.

Sadly with no money available, she was destined to stay in the village to support her mother with domestic duties and then early marriage.  Together with her older sister, we were able to identify a good girl’s school where she could enrol.  The commitment is potentially for 6 years (S1-S4 is up to GCE of Uganda; S5-S6 is ‘A’ level).  For most secondary sponsorship the school fees (with boarding costs) amounts to £430 British pounds ($570) per year.

Because the nearest secondary schools are about 15 -20 kilometres for most pupils, they have to board.




Priscilla is 13 years old.  She attends Joadan Primary community Primary School in Lira, Northern Uganda.  Primary school is 7 years of schooling (P1-P7).  Priscilla started P7, her final candidate year in February 2018.  The full Ugandan education year is from February – November.

Sadly Priscilla’s mother became pregnant in her senior 3 year.  The boy died before Priscilla was born.  A widow agreed to help with fees so that Priscilla could go to school and after she died there was little money to support education.

In December 2017, Priscilla’s mum died and as an orphan, Priscilla has needed help to continue her schooling, especially as this is her final Primary year.  She is a talented girl, leader of the school choir and a bible scholar.

Priscilla has been adopted by the founder of the school (who already has adopted 10 orphans).  Now with sponsorship, Priscilla is getting a vision of hope to go to secondary school and then start a career.

 Education fees, all living expenses, everything, requires an investment of just £350 per year.