Let Hope Arise Africa provides funding for women and girls in Uganda and South Sudan (refugees) to receive AFRIpads.

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Girls of Achilo Township Primary Schools after receiving their Reusable Sanitary Pads

AFRIpads Ltd. is a social business that specializes in the local manufacture and global supply of cost-effective, reusable sanitary pads. They provide women and girls with a sustainable solution for managing their periods with comfort and dignity. Made in Uganda – by women, for women, with love! Visit AFRIpads for more information.

This report provides an overview of the sanitary pads distribution during the month of August donated by Let Hope Arise Africa (LHA) headquartered in the United Kingdom. Society With a Vision (SWV) the implementing partner of Let Hope Arise carried out the distribution exercise in the greater Soroti region in the districts of Amuria, Kumi, Serere, and Soroti all in Teso sub-region.

The table below shows the beneficiary reach by school. 200 girls in 7 primary school girls benefited from the reusable sanitary pads which can be used for a period of one year.


Up to 200 girls in rural primary school of menstrual age benefited from the project and right (or below) is the demographic distribution.

Distribution of sanitary pads took two days in the primary schools targeting primarily girls in primary four, five, six and seven. Although there were other girls of menstrual age in primary four and five, first priority was given to P6 and P7 because they were in a semi candidate and candidate classes a key determinant for transition from primary to secondary. Primary seven was given even higher priority because they are about to sit for Primary Leaving Examinations in the next about two months. The criterion ensured menstrual interruption during examination period is addressed. Girls are now confident they can manage well their menstrual hygiene during classes and examinations.



The Lions Club Kumi Central voluntarily joined Society With a Vision in the two days of distribution and took leadership in talking to the girls educating them on how to use the menstrual hygiene pads. The lady Lions told the girls that menstruation is not a disease and they should not feel bad about it. Specifically, one of the female members of the Lions Club who was on the frontline of educating girls said ”I’m very, very pleased to be part of the move to educate girls on how to use pads and hygiene. Also to encourage girls to stay at school in all situations. I enjoyed it. Menstruation is not a disease but our womanhood”

She also said “Society With a Vision your activities are very impressive, I pledge to give you my time, weekends, and holidays for the glory of God. I love what you do. Thumbs up”.

Girls were educated on how to wash their sanitary pads to avoid contracting diseases. They also encouraged boys to be supportive to their sisters during their menstruation other than stigmatising them.

Local leaders got involved and gave encouraging speeches as well as thanking Society With a Vision for linking the schools with Let Hope Arise International.

The donation was received with a lot of excitement among girls, teachers, parents and local authorities. In Achilo Township Primary school girls in their excitement decided to sing a song that says “I didn’t know that you love me this way Jesus”. A recorded clip for this song is available and will sent separately.

In Apokor Primary School girls with their teachers came out standing with a placard written “thank you for your support”. The male head Teacher in this school said this has reduced their struggles in helping girls and relieved them of that burden at least for a year.