In Let Hope Arise we talk about investing in a young person.  This means that as much of your money goes directly to the African recipient (between 90 – 100%!!).  We can do this because any management and infrastructure from the UK is freely donated.

Gas cooker

In Africa a small amount of money goes a long way.  The photo shows some cooking facilities (cost £50/US $75).  In most village homes, charcoal is used, but this means burning wood!  An alternative is to provide a gas cooker.  Refilled gas bottle (3 month supply depending on use.  Cost £11/US $14).

We have gifted cookers to 2 families.  This allows them to cook for a number of people.  A danger is that to save cost, only certain vegetables are cooked very fast.  Disciplining families to cook nourishing foods is a focus of our gifts.

Solar torch light with mobile charger

We have bought solar lights for our students so they can study at night.  £12 (US $15) will purchase a torch with a charging lead for a mobile phone.  This is a fantastic gift for our sponsored students.

GCE Uganda final examinations

We have been able to distribute monies to help girls take their final secondary examinations in northern Uganda.


We support accommodation rents, clothes, intranet dongles etc.

If you would like to give a gift (and meet via video link) the recipient, please get in touch.